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What are segments in a diamond blade for?

Posted by : paul2

There a number of different diamond saw blades in the market. The engineering and design of the diamond blade and its segments is purposeful. Certain types of blade designs are better at cutting different materials. The diamond segments are an integral part of the cutting disc, they are formed in a manufacturing process combining synthetic [...]

What is a ring saw?

Posted by : paul2

What is a Ring Saw? Having the right tool is crucial during construction and contract drilling and sawing. One particular power saw that offers a huge depth of cut upto 430mm dependant on model is the ring saw. It is a handheld cutting tool which you can use to cut through concrete structures, floors and [...]

Your Guide to Concrete Finishes

Posted by : paul2

Your Guide to Concrete Finishes Concrete has an elementary composition, yet it is one of the strongest and most durable constructions material. One of the most important uses of concrete is in finishing. There are numerous concrete finishing techniques used today. The choice depends on the desired outcome. This article is a complete guide on [...]

How to use a Post Hole Auger

Posted by : paul2

If you have been planning an ambitious project around the garden which shall require many post holes, then a power auger shall be your saving grace. A Post Hole Auger will help you put in precise holes quickly. Also, a Post Hole Auger will help prevent you from breaking your back through tough terrain. This [...]

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